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We offer local, professional installation at our South Florida facility, or can ship your performance Milltek Sport exhaust systems to you tailored to your request.

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Looking to improve your vehicle’s exhaust system and unlock more power… Milltek Sport draws from almost four decades of continuous research, development and technical expertise, their range of hand-finished exhaust systems continues to grow – fulfilling the demanding requirements of discerning owners for key marques like Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, BMW and Alfa Romeo. Every system Milltek makes is designed, developed and hand-finished in the UK by time-served craftsmen, each one produced in aerospace grade type 304, non-magnetic stainless steel. Here you will find all performance exhaust options currently available with Milltek Sport, categorized by their various performance exhaust systems and add-ons.


Catback Exhaust Systems

Milltek Tuning Catback Exhaust Systems


Downpipe Exhaust Systems

Milltek Sport Downpipe Exhaust Systems


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Featured Milltek Sport Exhaust Systems:

THIS SECTION IS UNDER DEVELOPMENT… please contact us directly in the meantime for assistance.

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About Milltek Sport Exhaust Systems:

“Everything we design and produce is only ever made to one quality – and that has to be good enough for our most demanding of customers, our race teams! Having worked at the very forefront of such grueling arenas as British Touring Car Championship, The Volkswagen Racing Cup, Time Attack and numerous club-level races for many years, we’ve learned how to manufacture to the exacting tolerances and peerless quality that the world’s leading motorsport teams and manufacturers demand. Once you’ve mastered that, the rest is easy!” – Milltek

Milltek Sport Dealer

Whether you are looking for a mild exhaust upgrade on your daily driver or taking your car’s exhaust system to the next level, Preferred Customs is here to help turn your dreams into reality. Contact us at your convenience if you are interested in top quality exhaust upgrades by Milltek Sport and an enjoyable & efficient customer service experience.


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