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We offer local, in-house bespoke BMW performance software suites by BAE Tuning for most modern turbocharged BMW platforms.

BAE tuning dealer bmw tuning

Specializing in forced-induction tuning with BAE Tuning, we proudly offer highly-calibrated performance tuning for most modern BMW vehicle platforms. BAE Tuning offers tailor-made performance software that is exclusive to your vehicle’s VIN and ECU/DME. In order to safely & reliably harness the extensive power gains achieved by BAE tuning, their software suites include track-ready calibration of your BMW's transmission, differential and suspension & traction systems, not just a simple boost to your vehicle’s forced-induction systems found it most other competitor’s offerings. Our BAE Tuning software options are among the most comprehensive you will find for your BMW

NOTE: Only available for in-house customers at our tuning facility in Hollywood, FL. Our local south Florida customers may pre-purchase their BAE Tuning software or package here, and we will then contact you to schedule an installation & tuning appointment.


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Featured BAE Tuning Engine Platform: S55

Vehicle Applications

  - BMW M2 Competition [F87]

  - BMW M3 [F80]

  - BMW M3 Competition [F80]

  - BMW M4 [F82 F83]

  - BMW M4 Competition [F82 F83]


BAE Tuning Options

  - Stage 1 Performance Upgrade

  - Stage 2 Performance Upgrade

  - Stage 2+ Performance Upgrade

  - DCT Software Upgrade

  - Custom GTS Performance Suite


BAE tuning dealer bmw tuning M2 Comp M3 M4



About BAE Tuning for BMW:

"With the BAE Tuning performance suites, no two software files are alike. Our software is among the most highly-calibrated and customizable you will find for today's modern singe-turbo and twin-turbo charged BMW platforms... with stability, safety & performance being our key objectives" - BAE Tuning

BAE tuning authorized dealer for bmw

Whether you are looking for mild performance gains on your daily driver or taking your car’s power output to the next level, Preferred Customs is here to help turn your dreams into reality. Contact us at your convenience if you are interested in top quality performance upgrades by BAE Tuning and an enjoyable & efficient customer service experience.


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