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Your Audi’s 3.0TFSI supercharger can be achieve higher levels of performance with a variety hardware upgrades. APR Tuning offers an upgraded pulley for the supercharger itself, as well as at the engine crank. These pulleys will safely increase the spin rate of the supercharger, in turn producing a significant increase in horsepower and torque. They also provide an upgraded throttle body, the APR Ultracharger, which significantly enhances throttle response and air flow rate into the supercharger. The increased power does step up the temps inside the supercharger, so look to APR and AWE Tuning for their coolant performance and ColdFront systems. Both of which more than double the size of the factory heat exchange. These systems allow the supercharger to run modified at a safe peak level of performance.



APR Tuning CPS

apr tuning coolant performance systems apr cps audi s4 s5 q5 sq5 b8


APR Tuning Pulleys & Belts

apr tuning supercharger pulleys audi s4 s5 q5 sq5 b8


APR Tuning Ultracharger Systems

apr tuning supercharger ultracharger systems audi s4 s5 q5 sq5 b8


AWE Tuning Cold Front Systems

awe tuning cold front systems audi s4 s5 q5 sq5 b8



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