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Specializing in forced-induction tuning by APR Tuning, we proudly offer highly-calibrated performance tuning for most modern Audi vehicle platforms. APR Tuning involves a direct OBDII flash to the vehicle’s ECU, replacing its engine performance calibrations with APR’s enhanced performance models. For many platforms, performance tuning to the vehicle’s transmission can also be achieved….enhancing the vehicle’s launch capabilities, shift points and timing. Bundle your choice of these tuning systems with accompanying intake, downpipe, supercharger, or turbocharger system upgrades and take your Audi to even higher performance levels!



Audi/APR Tuning Packages by model:

audi a3 mqb tuning audi a3 mqb custom wheels audi a3 mqb performance
audi a4 b8 tuning audi a4 b8 custom wheels audi a4 b8 performance
audi a4 b8.5 tuning audi a4 b8.5 custom wheels audi a4 b8.5 performance
audi a4 b9 tuning audi a4 b9 custom wheels audi a4 b9 performance
audi a5 b8 tuning audi a5 b8 custom wheels audi a5 b8 performance
audi a5 b8.5 tuning audi a5 b8.5 custom wheels audi a5 b8.5 performance
audi a5 b9 tuning audi a5 b9 custom wheels audi a5 b9 performance
audi a6 c7 tuning audi a6 c7 custom wheels audi a6 c7 performance
audi a6 c7.5 gen2 tuning audi a6 c7.5 gen2 custom wheels audi a6 c7.5 gen2 performance
audi a7 c7 tuning audi a7 c7 custom wheels audi a7 c7 performance
audi a7 c7.5 gen2 tuning audi a7 c7.5 gen2 custom wheels audi a7 c7.5 gen2 performance
audi a8 d4 tuning audi a8 d4 custom wheels audi a8 d4 performance
audi r8 v10 gen2 tuning audi r8 v10 gen2 custom wheels audi r8 v10 gen2 performance
audi rs3 ea855 evo tuning audi rs3 ea855 evo custom wheels audi rs3 ea855 evo performance
audi rs7 c7 tuning audi rs7 c7 custom wheels audi rs7 c7 performance
audi rs7 c7.5 tuning audi rs7 c7.5 custom wheels audi rs7 c7.5 performance
audi s3 mqb tuning audi s3 mqb custom wheels audi s3 mqb performance
audi s4 b8 tuning audi s4 b8 custom wheels audi s4 b8 performance
audi s4 b8.5 tuning audi s4 b8.5 custom wheels audi s4 b8.5 performance
audi s4 b8.5 gen2 tuning audi s4 b8.5 gen2 custom wheels audi s4 b8.5 gen2 performance
audi s4 b9 tuning audi s4 b9 custom wheels audi s4 b9 performance
audi s5 b8 tuning audi s5 b8 custom wheels audi s5 b8 performance
audi s5 b8.5 tuning audi s5 b8.5 custom wheels audi s5 b8.5 performance
audi s5 b8.5 gen2 tuning audi s5 b8.5 gen2 custom wheels audi s5 b8.5 gen2 performance
audi s5 b9 tuning audi s5 b9 custom wheels audi s5 b9 performance
audi s6 c7 tuning audi s6 c7 custom wheels audi s6 c7 performance
audi s6 c7.5 tuning audi s6 c7.5 custom wheels audi s6 c7.5 performance
audi s7 c7 tuning audi s7 c7 custom wheels audi s7 c7 performance
audi s7 c7.5 tuning audi s7 c7.5 custom wheels audi s7 c7.5 performance
audi s8 d4 tuning audi s8 d4 custom wheels audi s8 d4 performance
audi sq5 b8 tuning audi sq5 b8 custom wheels audi sq5 b8 performance
audi sq5 b9 tuning audi sq5 b9 custom wheels audi sq5 b9 performance
audi tt mqb tuning audi tt mqb custom wheels audi tt mqb performance
audi tts mqb tuning audi tts mqb custom wheels audi tts mqb performance
audi ttrs ea855 evo tuning audi ttrs ea855 evo custom wheels audi ttrs ea855 evo performance


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Featured Audi/APR Tuning Packages:

THIS SECTION IS UNDER DEVELOPMENT… please contact us directly in the meantime for assistance.

NOTE: Only available for in-house customers at our tuning facility in Hollywood, FL. Our local south Florida customers may pre-purchase their tuning software or package here, and we will then contact you to schedule an installation & tuning appointment.

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