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When oil is sucked through the PCV system, it ends up in your intake tract. It’s sucked through your turbo, blown through the intercooler, and forced into the engine. Oil coats the intercooler, hoses, and everything in its path. Not only does this cause a mess, it lowers the effectiveness of the intercooler. More importantly, oil vapors lower your effective octane level, leading to performance robbing, and engine damaging, knock. This means less horsepower, and the possibility of engine damage. APR Tuning fixes this issue with their factory-racecar-inspired-system which takes a multi-step approach to addressing several performance robbing issues, and critical engine safety concerns, with the factory system.


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Featured APR Tuning Catch Can Parts:

APR Tuning MQB Full Catch Can System w/ PCV
The APR Catch Can System with PCV Plate is a comprehensive upgrade to your engine's Positive Crank Ventilation (PCV) system....
APR Tuning MQB Full Catch Can Washer Reservoir
APR Tuning MQB Full Catch Can Washer Reservoir New
Some vehicles have a washer fluid reservoir / fill neck located near the engine side motor mount, which blocks the...

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